Outbreak Chronicles

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My Overture

Things have gone so terribly wrong.

No one will ever believe what happened out there. No one will ever believe the words written onto the pages of my journals, the only thing we still have containing evidence of the real truth. How could they? How could you? So few of us were left after the fall of our last resort. But please…please try.

As I look back through what I have written, through the events that occurred since I first deployed, I feel completely torn. I saw so much love, so much hope, and so much terrible loss. I don’t know how, or why, I made it through it all. Having been able to write down my thoughts kept me sane. And the distant hope of making it back home to my beautiful Evelyn…how I miss her enchanting smile…kept me fighting.

But fighting those savages, those who are condemned, is a hopeless battle. And they are all still so blind to it. No one believes it. No one can. Would I even believe it if I hadn’t of lived it? Or am I just as crazy as they accuse me of being? Are we all just crazy? Did we really massacre all of those innocent people?

No, I’m not crazy. None of us are, unless we have been driven to be by the events we lived through. The others, the other survivors, the other men of Task Force Hazard–they know the truth. They know the madness that lurks outside of these walls, waiting for its opportunity to take down all that is so ignorant of its existence.

And ignorant they still are. I know they are going to confiscate these journals soon enough. They are taking everything they can for “evidence.” Evidence of a massacre they think we inflicted. A massacre that left so many dead…and hundreds more wishing they were. When these blind fools finally realize the truth of what’s out there, they are going to wish that it had just been our own insanity at play…the insanity of the few survivors of that unspeakable horror.

My only hope is to find a way back to my Evelyn. To keep her safe. To find a place where those condemned can’t find us. To find a way to survive, together. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to make it. We’ll be able to live the life that we’ve been yearning so long and so badly to have together.

Or myself and the rest of the survivors of Task Force Hazard will die trying. We’d have to be fools to believe this is over. It isn’t even close. This outbreak has just begun.

The world is going to receive its wake up call. And it won’t be ready.


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