Status of the Outbreak

Good morning everyone! The book cover reveal for the first book, Outbreak Chronicles: Task Force Hazard, will be released shortly! The artist has done absolutely incredible work and I am very excited to show it off here soon. I also want to provide an update on the status of the book itself.

After much deliberation, even though Task Force Hazard has been edited and is complete, and the follow-on story is also near-complete, it was decided that it would be best to hold off on release until all three books have been completed. Work has already begun on the third story, and my hope is to have these finalized and edited within the next two months.

The reason for this is that, as a new author, I want to ensure that people are able to read one book and, hopefully, be excited and move on to the next straight away. I want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the full story of the Outbreak Chronicles upon initial release.

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